Vendor Directions

2022 BerryFest Farmers Market


instructions and rules

Set-up Saturday May 7, 2022 from 7am to 9am

This year's event is more like a Street fair than the Festival that you are used to. Please read the rules/directions and you will see how different this event will be this year and make sure you understand what you're getting into before you sign up.

  1. We will NOT have overnight security.

  2. There will NOT be a security fence placed around the park at night.

  3. We suggest you treat this like two individual, one day events and pack everything home on Saturday and Set- Up again on Sunday. We will not take responsibility for lost or stolen items.

  4. All vendors must be loaded in and set up by 9am each day. Vendors may not park in the Civic Center Parking lot (311) during the event. We recommend parking in the 316 parking lot or on Atlantic Street.

  5. Liability Insurance is required by the Vendor for this event at one million dollars per occurrence.

  6. Property insurance is not required, however we will not provide property insurance and we will not be responsible for any property damage.

  7. Food Vendors will be responsible for being in compliance with the Health Department, you can see their rules by clicking here. Food vendors must fill out self check sheets at each day of the event. Self check sheets will be available if needed. Food Vendors must have a valid Placer County Health permit or get a Temporary Food Facility permit by clicking here.

  8. Vendors who sell items must have a sellers permit and give us the number on the application. If you do not have a sellers permit you can apply for a temporary by clicking here.

  9. Vendors may not use A frame signs, unless used in their reserved space.

  10. Vendors may not set up racks or displays outside of their space without permission in advance.

  11. Vendors must maintain Handicap and Fire/Paramedic accessibility. Do not block Sidewalks and Crosswalks even during set-up or tear down..

  12. Alcohol may only be consumed in the Adult beverage area.

  13. No bicycle, segway, hover board or Skateboard riding is allowed in the event.

  14. Tardiness, non-excused absence, or early tear downs will result in a $100 fine and may result in cancellation of vendor booths without a refund.

  15. Please call 916-412-6490 at least 24 hours in advance if you will be absent.

  16. Event coordinator reserves the right to cancel any vendor without refund. Please don’t act childish, if you’re having a bad day go to the ice cream booth and get yourself a cone, if that doesn’t make you feel better call in sick and go home. This is a family event and people are here to have a good time.

Loading/Unloading area OPEN from 7am to 8:45 am and from 4pm to 6pm

The loading area is only one lane and is in one direction. It is very tight and will most likely get backed up. Please arrive early and be patient if you decide to use the loading area. If you can dolly or carry your items from the parking garage across the street then you should probably do that.

  1. To enter the loading zone you must be going NE on Vernon Street and turn Right on S. Grant Street.

  2. Vehicles may NOT drive on the concrete. All vehicles must stay on the asphalt street. There is a built in water feature under the concrete that will break if driven on and the concrete tiles cost about $1,200 each.PLEASE KEEP VEHICLES OFF THE CONCRETE!

  3. Pull into the Loading zone and pull as far forward as possible.

  4. The Loading zone is also a Fire Lane. You must,

    1. leave your keys in your ignition,

    2. leave your vehicle unlocked, and

    3. leave your driver's window rolled down

while your vehicle is in the loading area so that Johny 5 Productions staff can pull your vehicle forward, or out of the way in the case of an emergency.

  1. Unless your booth is located next to the loading zone, you will unload your stuff into a designated unloading area closest to your car. They will be marked on the ground in chalk as “LOADING”

  2. As soon as your vehicle is unloaded, move it out of the loading area. See the map for potential trailer parking locations within walking distance.

  3. You may not start loading things into your booth space or setting up your booth while your vehicle is in the loading area. After your vehicle is out of the loading area you may start setting up your booth.

  4. The loading zone entrance will close at 8:45 AM regardless if everyone has unloaded.

Driving Instructions from Sacramento,

You must enter the loading area by going NE on Vernon Street and turn Right on S. Grant Street

• From I80 Take Atlantic Street toward central Roseville, South/West

• Turn Right on Atlantic Street, (Immediately after the Historic Railroad Train)

• Turn Right on S. Grant Street (just after the Tower Theater)

Moving cones or barricades to enter the event is not permitted and will cause your vending privilege to be canceled without a refund. If you drive on the concrete you will be liable for damages and ejected from the event without a refund.